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Availability of alcohol.

Great window view.

Enormous mirror near the exit.

Lithuanian soap operas on LCD TV (it is also possible to see the view of the other canteen hall on the TV).

White tablecloths that enrich the dining experience.

Awarded a Diploma for good service.
Unexpected location for a canteen – a dormitory between skyscrapers.

Colourful carpet on the wall.

Young diners.

Exceptional service for newcomers.

Food portions with a little bit extra.

School kids, who willingly show you the way to canteen.
Vintage interior.

A cash-lady using old school cash register.

Free art and fresh gossips.

A bar with nice service.

Talkative diners.

Barred windows and interior.

Unique composition of daylight lamps.

Flower shop with a great variety of plants from all over the world. In addition, a great variety of wrapping paper.

Old-fashioned bar near the canteen with the same workers as in the canteen.

Old-fashioned russian samovar in case you want some tea on lunch.

Surprisingly pleasant smell of flowers mixed with freshly mashed potatoes.
Enormous work of ceramics on the wall.

Red colour that makes a place look mysterious.

80’s style corner bar with glossy lamps and curved lines.

Flowers everywhere.

Students and quite intelectual discussions among them.

Very talkative canteen worker.

Most of the things in the canteen are marked with „Vilniaus degtinė“ logos.

Everything is new.

Canteen is full of flowers. Orchids included.

Various types of dishes, even after lunch time.

Cosy interior.
Head spinning corridors with old squeaky floors.

Young diners.

Eating in the canteen felt like sitting in a sauna.

Painting on the wall and cleanliness.

Architecturally interesting building for a walk after lunch.

Impressive pink walls.
Disco for people over 30 on weekends and disco style attributes in the canteen.

Two huge palms near the window.

Enormous picture on the wall. Painted poppies could open a discussion about a landscape painting.

Background music (only Russian).

A corner bar with all facilities.

Lots of tables at the windows.
A worker with plates with lunch dishes running among tables.

Long, but quickly moving queue on lunchtime.

Barely heard music.

Freshly made carrot juices.

Examples of folk art (i.e. wicker lampshades).

No tray system – all dishes are served to your table.
Vintage interior.

Long conveyer for dirty dishes.

The students in the canteen are open for discussions about physics, law, economics or communication science.

A microwave oven for heating food you brought from home (though heating your food is not allowed, but when the staff doesn't see...)

Radio announcing about the situation on the roads for drivers.

No queues in the canteen during lectures.
Furniture, walls and interior details that remind of the Soviet times.

A long table always served for the banquet.

A male cook in the kitchen.

Soft and nice music.

Special enclosed corridor for the queue. Very interesting thing.

Conveyer for dirty dishes.
Funny carved heart shaped chairs.

Great combination of colours! Yellow walls match blue artificial flowers.

Low door, so everyone has to lean over to enter the canteen.

Fresh coffee and an espresso machine!

A sink to wash hands.

A coatrack.
One won’t find two identical plates in the canteen.

If you are in a hurry, you can eat your quick lunch sitting at the bar.

If you are bored, you could try guessing the names of the plants at the windows of the canteen. I guess that would take you at least a week.

A coat rack.

A good location in a center of the city.

Air conditioning system (though, it was not working on my visit day).
Visually handicapped and deaf people work in the canteen.

Silence during lunch time.

The location is hard to find.

Big tables if you want to have lunch with a group.

A lot of artificial flowers.

Sincere concern of a cook: „How come you’re not eating soup? That is not healthy.
Microwave oven – you can use it to warm up your own food.

Company store selling sweets at the same place.

Easy to read sign of WC – you will never have to ask for the way.

A smell of chocolate and cheap candies (and somehow cheap portions of ice-cream too).

Fan-page on the Internet.

Sophisticated food that one won't find in other canteens (escalopes, Chicken Kiev, etc.).

Centras, Vilnius

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Gedimino g. 42
There are a lot of student canteens in Vilnius. However, it is difficult to find one in the city centre. The canteen of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre always full of actors, musicians and film directors is opened not only for students but to anyone who would like to have lunch in the surroundings of bright yellow walls.













Funny carved heart shaped chairs.

Great combination of colours! Yellow walls match blue artificial flowers.

Low door, so everyone has to lean over to enter the canteen.

Fresh coffee and an espresso machine!

A sink to wash hands.

A coatrack.

If you are new in the Academy or visit it for the first time, ask any student you meet in the corridor for the way how to get to the canteen. For lunch you should go down to the basement of the building. Here a pleasant surprise is a sink to wash one's hands before the meal (but it is a pity that there was no soap for hands). When you come into the canteen, the room is very light, new and artistic.

The cooks here work so fast that there are no more than 5 people in a queue. In this canteen I ordered pancakes - half a portion, actually. This order opened a real mathematical discussion with the cook - how to divide a portion of 3 pancakes into 2 parts? However, I got my half portion of pancakes and a lot of jam on it. Different kinds of food in the canteen was a nice advantage: roast chicken, beef, even some dishes for vegetarians too.

The environment in this canteen differs from the usual ones: massive wooden carved heart shaped chairs, yellow tissues on the tables, bright blue artificial flowers. The artistic atmosphere naturally leaves a mark in the canteen - I am referring to some quite good paintings with the fragments of the Old Town on the walls.

The diners are rather different here - from lonely office workers to actors and actresses you see on the stage in some plays. If you are brave enough, you can easily meet and talk to one of them and, perhaps, get an invitation to several plays.

Pancakes I ate reminded me soft buns. You have to try them at least for the fact that the cooks add some raisins in the pastry in order to bake such pancakes. A great variety of second-course dishes - the clients I saw were buying all kinds of food, and there were no exeptions. Everybody could say - in this canteen everything is delicious!

A glass of apple compote impressed me a lot. I highly recommend not forgetting to take the spoon and grab the pieces of apples in the bottom of the glass.


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